European style honey

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The same delicious honey as offered in our Mead Magic kits, but for your hot toddy or tea! Our fall honey is a strong, dark blend of goldenrod and Japanese bamboo nectars, with overtones of caramel, harvested from our hives in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. The honey is strained through a filter, then bottled; as fresh from the hive as we can make it for you!

We chose the "European" style of honey after visiting local beekeepers in England and Wales, where beekeepers apologize for "runny" honey. Known as "hard set," we allowed this honey to crystallize in the easy-access, wide mouth jars. There's nothing photoshopped about these pictures; this honey is quite scoopable! (Perhaps too much so -- it's very easy to eat by the spoonful...)

If you prefer liquid honey, we offer it in one pound jars. You may notice a bit of foam at the top of the honey; this comes from air bubbles that floated to the top after we gently warmed the honey to make it pourable.

If you like the hand-crafted mug and honey pot, check out White Swan Studio ( ). She usually carries many bee- and nature-themed products in stock or available on request!
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