Mead Magic - The only complete mead making kit!

$89.95 USD




  • Honey
  • Carboy
  • Yeast
  • Nutrients
  • Fermenting Equipment
  • Bottles
Mead Magic kits contain everything you need to make one gallon of the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage, from artisan honey to decorative, self-sealing bottles. You just need to add your favorite water!

We harvest the honey for Mead Magic from our own hives, which are located high on a hill in central New York. We keep the honey raw and unheated so that you get a full range of flavor in your mead.

Mead Magic kits include only the necessities that you need to brew – but you can use them again and again to make additional batches of mead (see our Booster Packs to resupply!)

Each box contains:

-- Primary fermenter
-- Secondary fermenter
-- Airlock and stopper
-- Yeast and nutrients
-- Auto-siphon, siphon tubing and bottling wand
-- Sanitizer and campden tablet
-- Raw honey
-- 8 self-sealing bottles
-- Easy-to-follow instructions

Honey options:

Fall Honey: a strong, dark blend of goldenrod and Japanese bamboo nectars, with overtones of caramel. Harvested from our hives in Harford, NY.

Summer Honey: our lighter summer honey tastes like a true wildflower blend. Our summer blooms include wild apple trees, cherry trees, blackberries, milkweed, sweet clover, and black locust. The 2021 harvest is particularly floral, perhaps reflecting a strong locust flow this year.

While we can't pinpoint a single, dominant flavor like the fall honey has, this is still a rich and delicious treat!
Have you saved some flip-top bottles? Maybe you prefer a wine bottle instead? Want to save on shipping? Consider our basic Mead Magic kit -- the same great honey and equipment as this kit, but without the self-sealing bottles!
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