Brewer’s Corner

Welcome to the Brewer’s Corner, where we talk about different mead recipes that we’re testing in our own kitchen. Our goal with the brewer’s corner is to craft variations on a straight mead that you can replicate in your own home with a Mead Magic booster pack and ingredients you can easily get from your grocer’s or a local homebrew store.

All of these brews exist in some stage of fermentation in our kitchen and we will report on the ups and downs of the brews right here at Mead Magic. We encourage you to experiment with us or on your own, and comment back on the results.

These recipes are meant to be guidelines only — every drinker has a different palate to please!

If you’ve used a Mead Magic kit for a brew with extra flavor, become a Mead Magician and share your recipe! Contact to get it posted.

Aging in the bottle:

Hopped Mead

Wild Blackberry Melomel (mead with fruit)

Bochet (mead made from caramelized honey)

Holiday Mead

Hopped Mead #2

Under consideration:

Blackberry Bochet

Maple Mead

Cyser (mead made with apple cider)

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